brandieHe only planned to purchase a Coke to settle his upset stomach, but the trip ended with a happy surprise. Michael, my husband, reached into the cooler at the convenience store, grabbed a Coke, walked to the checkout, paid for the Coke, and then he was stunned. The Coke bottle said, “Share a Coke with Brandie.”

For you that might not be exciting. For Michael and myself, it was a wee bit weird. Brandie is our daughter. She is 29, very successful, and she never sees her name spelled correctly on anything commercial. We have never seen pre-printed stationery, keychains, those neat insulated cups or—well—anything that say BRANDIE. It might say Brandy. It might say Brandi. But never, I mean never in 29 years, have we seen BRANDIE. Much less for my husband to blindly reach for a soda and chose the very one with his daughter’s name correctly spelled on the label.

The little things in my life bring such happiness. When I look at the Coke bottle on my counter, I just smile. I try hard every day to find happiness in the unexpected. Maybe I find happiness in the expected, also. When my computer works without delay, I am thankful. When the phone doesn’t ring while I am reading my favorite book, I am pleased. When no one in my day is complaining of ill health, I am amazed! When a person smiles who normally frowns, my heart is filled to overflowing. When my legs work, my eyes see, my ears hear, my brain functions, I try hard to remember to be thankful.

I hope you take a few moments out of your day to look for and celebrate the little things in life that make the days good. If your loved one has dementia, they still have moments of victory to celebrate. They still want to smile with you. Bring those smiles to their world. The only thing better than having a smile is sharing a smile. Hope that gives you Something to Ponder.


Photo by Kevin O’Mara via Flickr