Dementia and confusion are two words that go together—the way peanut butter and jelly do. Or maybe I should say peanut butter and chocolate. Oh yum! Whatever your preference, dementia and confusion are the topic for today.

I am in the midst of a confusing situation. A client wants help, management is confused, employees (not mine) are unenlightened, and I am scratching my head trying to figure it all out. All of this involving just one senior citizen who needs assistance. What seemed like a simple task of offering assistance has evolved into a three ring circus involving far too many people to get anything accomplished. UGH!

As my head swims with the confusion of the situation, I realize my forehead has constricted, and I am pretty sure an Excedrin is in my future. That made me think about Momma. She has mid-stage Alzheimer’s. When a situation enters Momma’s world that is confusing or perplexing or distressing, I think she feels much like I do today. She very much wants to make sense of the situation, she wants to sort out the facts and organize her thoughts, but, instead, she feels her head constrict, her thoughts become jumbled, and her frustration intensify. NOT GOOD!

When caring for your loved one with dementia, be careful to avoid bringing stress inducing topics into their world. They are not equipped to handle the thought processes necessary to come through the situation in a manner that is helpful for them or the situation.

Confusion—I wish it would leave and not come back! Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.


Photo by Alessandro Vasaturo via Flickr