Carol Howell Talks Dementia: Dementia and Her Ginky Pin

My dad was a fun person. He always made me feel special, and he had several funny sayings. I was thinking of one of those sayings this week. We were having choir practice with one of my groups of seniors. A lady was missing who would sing a solo in an upcoming performance. I was told she was “under the weather”.

static1.squarespace.comThis made me start thinking of sayings we use frequently, and I wondered how some of them originated. It seems “under the weather” originated when seasick passengers were forced below deck as a place where the rocking of the ship was less prominent. This reduced motion sickness. Thus, there were “under” (or avoided) the influence of the weather. So you learn something new everyday!

Recently I used one of my dad’s silly sayings to make Momma smile. Momma said, “Carol, I don’t feel worth shooting.” (Now that is another saying I decided to explore, but I could not find its origin). I responded with, “Momma, I think I know what is wrong with you. Your ginky pin is attached to your galley shaft, and it is causing your credentials to vibrate!” Momma started laughing as soon as this familiar phrase from her past crossed the airwaves to her ears.

“My Frederick always said that! That is FUNNY!” Momma smiled, she forgot about not feeling perky, and life was better for a few minutes. Making Momma happy is my number one priority, and I do love the sound of her laughter. 

Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.

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