reformation 500

Reformation 500: The 9.5 Theses

1          ¶ “Believing in God” isn’t worth a dime; believing him is worth a fortune.

2          ¶ Studying theology is not “leaning on our own understanding”; it is understanding what we are leaning on.

3          ¶ If we’re real Christians, someone will notice.

4          ¶ God, in his grace, declares us “saints” before we have a chance to act like it.

5          ¶ Faith does not save anyone; it puts us in touch with someone who does.

6          ¶ The question of worship is not “Was I well-fed?” but rather, “Was God well-pleased?”

7          ¶ “Christians aren’t perfect”; today they’re generally indistinguishable from everyone else.

8          ¶ The Bible has no interest in “immortal souls,” only in immortal bodies.

9          ¶ God does not save people because they are good, but because they are not.

9.5       ¶ “Sola Fide” is not an Italian song.

Martin Luther-95 Theses

John I. Snyder