Peter Goldsberry

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Peter Goldsberry has been and continues to be a spiritual journey. Raised Roman Catholic in New Jersey, Peter was nicknamed “Padre” and was thought destined for the priesthood due to his enthusiasm and eagerness to be involved in all matters of faith. Blessed to be a better than average football player, he also earned high academic and national honors. Peter’s life changed when his father was diagnosed with cancer. He’s unable to forget the first night back at college after burying his father. He couldn’t sleep and suddenly was lead to the college book store to purchase the last paperback Bible on the shelf. Following his graduation from college, Peter married his high school sweetheart Amy and started working with a blue chip company in Campbell Soup. Things were going great for the family but Peter felt that his faith had taken a back seat. Amy and he searched for a church and found a great Presbyterian one in Toms River that fueled their faith. Later, Peter accepted a job to serve as an executive with the NBA for the Hornets in New Orleans. While with the Hornets, he had the opportunity to work with Owner George Shinn building a Faith and Family Night where 10,000 Psalm books were handed out. Currently, Peter has returned to his roots in New Jersey and works there. Peter, Amy, and their two children are happy to be back in familiar surroundings. Follow him on Twitter at @Pgold44.