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Anne Peterson is a poet, speaker and published author of 14 books, including her memoir, Broken: A Story of Abuse, Survival, and Hope. She has also authored and published Bible Studies as well as over 40 articles with’s Christian Woman. Anne is a regular contributor to as well as Anne's tagline is "Life is hard, so I write words to make it softer." Writers need to write about what they know. Anne knows grief. Having lost her mother, her father, and 3 of her siblings and most recently her baby granddaughter, Anne is well acquainted with grief. She wants those who have lost loved ones to know they are not alone. She has written a new Free ebook for her subscribers, entitled, "Helping Someone in Grief: 17 Things You Need to Know." You can sign up to join her newsletter and as a bonus receive her Ebook. To find out more about Anne, follow her on Twitter at @annepeterson, on Facebook at Anne Peterson, or visit her website