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Interviews with the Artists is our popular summer series hosted by Cody Anderson, talking with a wide range of popular and not so popular artists in their fields. Some of these interviews cover music, writing, design, computer animation, satire, novels, home-made music videos, orchestras, biblical historical fiction, and more.

In this episode, we welcome Isaac Adams, an artist who is a staff writer for Humble Beast, a Spoken Word Poet, and Pastoral Assistant at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I heard Isaac this year at TGC 17 when he did a spoken word piece for MLK50, a conference on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s  assassination.

In this interview we talk about Isaac and his art of writing and spoken word poetry. He shares how that started in high school with writing love songs for crushes and how God intervened and redeemed his abilities as a lyricist for his glory.

We talk about his writing for Humble Beast and the three areas in which he aims his writing: The local church and how it is indispensable, race and understanding the way things are seen, and the arts and letting art be what it is. We delve into how these things impact his own art, his preaching and teaching, and his writing.

As we talk about art, we get into art being a type of thievery—in that how we take art and make it our own, how good art seems to always have a protagonist and an antagonist, and how Christian art doesn’t have to explicitly mention God or the Gospel to be good art.

Good art can be hard to find, but it rewards your efforts. These are some more topics we hit as we talk about art and art cultures:

  • The world needs poetry because the world needs to slow down.
  • Christian art tends to be schlocky art or lazy art.

We also talk about Star Wars and what makes it so great, even though it’s non-Christian and George Lucas didn’t intend for it to be a Christian piece. We, as Christians, can take good art made by the world and redeem the Gospel-centric areas of that art and use it for our benefit and God’s glory. Join us as we talk about these things and more.

Isaac Adams’ top recommendations and musts:

1. Christians Pray for your art

2. Have friends audit your art

3. Get a survey or review of you art annually from people you know

4. Challenge yourself and publish to non-christian outlets

You can follow Isaac Adams here:

Twitter: @isickadams

Website: isickadams

Humble Beast: Child of Weakness

Outro Music: Spoken Word on Martin Luther King, Jr. — Isaac Adams

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Interviews with the Artists is our popular summer series hosted by Cody

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Interviews with the Artists is our popular summer series hosted by Cody