Ep 033.4 Dan and Ning Gelok – Music (Saxophone, Violin, Piano)

Interviews with the Artists is our popular summer series hosted by Cody Anderson, talking with a wide range of popular and not so popular artists in their fields. Some of these interviews cover music, writing, design, computer animation, satire, novels, home-made music videos, orchestras, biblical historical fiction, and more.

In this episode Cody interviews Dan and Ning Gelok from Texas. Dan is a professor of saxophone at the University of Houston where he teaches well… uh…saxophone. Ning is an accomplished violinist and pianist who homeschools their kids, teaches, and plays gigs occasionally.

In this episode, we get to know the Geloks and hear about their particular field as musicians. We talk about the popularity and pride that can come from being very accomplished and well known musicians. We discuss how a Christian worldview can help regulate and temper those feelings that come naturally to all of us.

We get into the art in Christendom and how often music and other arts produced by the Christian culture is often watered down, made for a wider audience to consume, and designed to make money. This mindset causes it to be shallow and to lack good doctrine. Its all happy style music leads to a massive crescendo that doesn’t appearl all that true and realistic.

We talk about the style of music that the Geloks play and produce. Since it is a new age or new classical style, it can be controversial because it stretches the music industry. It’s not your everyday Mozart or Bach, it’s not traditional so it causes controversies for the listener as they have to learn a new thing or a new way to appreciate it. Listeners need to pick up a different lens to look through.


The Geloks Top recommendations:

1. Listen to live Music

2. Know the roots/history of your genre in the arts

3. Music: Miles Davis, Béla Bartók or Sergei Prokofiev

4. Books: The God Who is There and Escape from Reason by Schaffer; The Rest is Noise by Alex Cross

Follow Dan:

Instagram: @geeeelok

YouTube: Search Dan Gelok

Outro Music: Jungle by Dan Gelok

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