Ep 032.5 – What is Art? Series – Art is…

This is the final episode in the What is Art? Series and it is also Roy’s farewell episode. Roy will be heading off to basic for the National Guard this week and will return in the fall. Please pray for him and his family during this time as they will be traveling a lot as he trains for his new position. And don’t forget to support Roy and his family by joining him on his support page for his art through the link below!

In this episode, we summarize what art is in a three part description in this way:

Art is 1) intelligent communication that 2) functions by association or metaphor and is 3) necessarily incarnational.

In this episode, the guys take this description and exegete it, you could say. They work through each point and explain how and why they think this is an apt description for art now. Many times art is relative and subjective, but often it can have a solid and concrete meaning, and that is what they try to do in this episode.

They talk about an untitled painting by Donald Judd, an American artist associated with minimalism. In his work, Judd sought autonomy and clarity for the constructed object and the space created by it, ultimately achieving a rigorously democratic presentation without compositional hierarchy.

In talking about this painting, Cody quickly associates it to himself because of the clothes he wears to work on a daily basis. Roy points out that this is what we do when we view art, there is some sort of associating as it communicates to us in the associational or metaphorical way of something incarnations.

Outro Music: “Always Ready, Always There”

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