Ep 032.4 What is Art? Series – Art is Relationship

As we continue the What is Art? series, we discuss art and “relationship.” What do we mean by “art and relationship and how is this defined?” The answer is simple. When art is placed into a museum and gallery it is now art because of its relationship with its location.

The way art is determined to be art is through something called Artworld Theory, a term and idea that came about through the theorizing of Arthur Donto. He has said that “the art world as the provider of an operational theory of art that participants use to distinguish art from non-art.” So the idea of where that art is placed and how it is recognized in relationship to the culture determines if it is actually art or not.

Does this mean that if your creative work is not in a gallery it is not art? What if your creative work is on Instagram and has been liked by thousands of people? Sure, you might buy IG followers, but does that mean your well-liked creative work is not a piece of art? We say, no! God has made us all as artists, we are all creative, and we are all modeling to some degree God’s creative power in our lives. This creativity isn’t dependent on its relationship surrounding our culture. We are to create because we were created in God’s creative image, Imago Dei.

In this episode, we talk about two pieces of art-the first by Robert Rauschenberg titled Bed and for the second we take another look at Andy Warhol’s Brillo Box. As we view these two pieces and talk about what they mean and how they are so innovative, we also play a game and try to sell them to each other, something of which Cody is not a huge fan. These pieces are progressive steps in a direction and tell how they are in relationship to reality, tangible life pieces, and abstract expressionism.

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