EP. 031.5 Formalistic Art Series: Color – ABC’s and 123’s of Art

The week in the Formalistic Art Series we talk about Color. How important is color? What does it communicate? Why do we use it? Why do some colors draw us in while others don’t pull our interest much? All these questions and more to talk about.

In this episode, we look at the color wheel and its Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors gamut. How these colors are used in art is important because color and tones of color communicate just as much as words do. How color is seen sets the mood, the feeling, the vibe of the piece of art. Color can be used well or not.

We start of with Any Warhol and his Brillobox design. Though simple and basic, how he used basics in art to create a unique and compelling product communicates.

We talk about The Watchman, and specifically Dr. Manhattan when reflecting on the past while on Mars. We discuss also a painting done by Roy Lichtenstein called Wonder Woman. As we look at these pieces we compare the mood and feel just based on color.

How can you tell a Marvel Superhero or DC Superhero apart from the rest? Primary colors are the focus of Captain America, Wonder Woman, Ironman, and Superman. In contrast, if you take the graphic novel The Watchman you’ll get a completely different color gamut, those being Tertiary colors. The illustrator uses a different color gamut to communicate in this graphic novel the feel and the essence of this piece of art.

We finish off with talking about The Lord of the Rings. There is an overarching feel through the movies of a growing darkness. The color in the beginning is almost washed out in the last movie. There is hardly any color and any color present is dark and drab. These color changes communicate and give a mood and feeling to a piece of art. Color is important, almost as important as words themselves.

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