EP. 031.3 Formalistic Art Series: Texture – ABC’s and 123’s of Art

This next episode in the Formalistic Art Series hits on Texture in art. We examine a few pieces of art and describe how texture really helps to draw in the critic to the particular piece of art.

The first piece we look at in this episode is Knight, Death and the Devil by Hans Baldung, Albrecht Dürer. As we talk about the piece of art itself, the process in which it was created (which is really fascinating and impressive), the detail in it, and the varying textures that can be felt and seen.

The second painting is by a more popular artist  Vincent Van Gogh, whom we’ve talked about before, and the painting is Starry Night. We look into the texture and types of texture used to give this a real life feel. This is a more realistic texture approach to painting.

Next is a really cool floral painting by Paula Nizamas entitled Kissed by the Sun. There is some great texture and feeling to it. This painting seems to have flowers that pop off of it in an almost 3D way!

And last, but not least, we talk about a photo of a painting. It’s like art in art of what looks like a burial ceremony illusion of men smoking in the hole dug for a casket. This piece gives an illusion of realistic things as well as making one feel like they are in the ground.

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