Does God Really Need Us? (Series: Hey God…I Have a Question)

Don’t just say to each other, “We’re safe, for we are descendants of Abraham.” That means nothing, for I tell you, God can create children of Abraham from these very stones. Matthew 3:9 NLT

Is it possible that an omnipotent and omniscient being actually needs us?

Among our most important needs are security, self-worth, and significance. Believing there is someone who can consistently meet these three needs without failure positions us for disappointment. We can’t constantly meet all the needs of any one person, nor can they return the favor. Only God has the ability to satisfy every need we have without ever failing.

So why did God create us? Obviously he had a reason—unless we choose to believe in happenstance. In reality, he doesn’t need us to help him accomplish anything. Some whom Jesus encountered obviously thought more of themselves than they should have. When they appealed to their genealogical heritage to impress Jesus, he discounted their claim by appealing to rocks.

So why are we here? Though God is complete in himself, he created humans to worship him and enjoy interaction with him. He deserves our worship and adoration because he’s our Creator. Every breath we inhale is because he allows it. With one decision, he could snuff out our lives. He is holy, awesome, powerful, and almighty.

The main reason we worship God, however, derives from appreciation. Through Christ, he provided for our salvation. No longer are we under condemnation for our sins. Heaven rather than hell can be our eternal future. Our sins are removed as far as the east is from the west.

While God could use millions of angels to accomplish his earthly plan, he has chosen to include us. Jesus gave us the responsibility of spreading the message of his love across the face of this planet. Angels could accomplish it more quickly, but for whatever reason God furnished people the task. Innately, God doesn’t need us, but he has chosen to want us for his Kingdom purposes.

No one is created without purpose…you included. Have you discovered yours?

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