Vision for Your Family

When you look at the average man, he might have a vision for the kind of career that he wants, he might have a vision for what he wants to accomplish through nutrition and exercise, and he may even have a vision for the future when he is debt free or when he retires.

But what about the average dude’s vision for his family?

Have you ever heard of such a thing? I think too many men have married their wives, and then they have kids. Then, they just hope for the best. If that is your thought process, you have pretty much sat yourself in a car, going downhill, with no brakes, and you have no control over the steering wheel. I guess you will just end up where you end up.

That is insanity.

God created the man to be the pastor of the home.

The man becomes a shepherd to his wife and kids.

Just like a pastor has a vision for where he believes God is leading him to take the church, a man can have a vision for where he believes God wants him to take his family.

Do you have a vision for your wife?

As a husband you are to love, treasure, pursue, date, and lead your wife. Your wife is bombarded with hundreds of thousands of messages everyday. She doesn’t need you to add to the confusion. She needs you to point her to Jesus.

You need to pray with, and for, your wife. Read the Bible with her. Talk about the sermon from last Sunday with her. You need to make plans together and set goals together. She is not your maid, servant, or slave. She is your helper, not your competition.

Your wife should always be your best friend.

She needs to know that you find her interesting and beautiful. Tell her.

You can help guide your wife to embrace fully the calling that God has placed on her life. Your love, leading, praying, and cultivating can help mold and shape her into the woman that God has created her to be.

Do you have a vision for your kids?

It doesn’t matter how many kids you have. God created each one of them unique. You are their dad. They do not need you to idolize them or try to live vicariously through them. They didn’t ask for that.
God created them with unique likes, dislikes, quirks, behaviors, learning styles, interests, passions and desires. You need to pray that God would draw them to salvation at a young age.

As you parent and lead them, pray for them. Pray that God would give you the wisdom to help you see your kids the way that he sees them.

They are arrows. The end goal for you is to mold and shape your arrow children so that when you shoot them into the world, they hit their intended targets and pierce the kingdom of darkness with the light of the Gospel of Jesus.

Design your words and actions to sharpen the arrows. Be intentional. A dull arrow is not very effective.
If you do not currently have a vision for your family, pray that God would give you one. Let him shape you into the man, husband, dad, leader that He has created you to be.

No one has the ability to mold and shape your family the way that you do.

God designed the family to rise and fall on the man.

God designed YOU to lead your family.

Love your wife.

Pray for your kids.

Lead well.

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