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Coming Soon: These Sheep Bite, Second Edition

These Sheep Bite: A Fearless Guide to Church Leadership

A Book Release from Theology Mix

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of These Sheep Bite: A Fearless Guide to Church Leadership. The guide is the second edition of the popular and controversial book from our author, Dr. John I. Snyder, giving pastors an insider’s look at how to handle antagonists in the church with strength, discipline, health, and sanity. If you’re a pastor or church leader, this book is your chance to laugh, vent, weep, and heal, and focus on a strong future in church leadership.

Here’s what a few people are saying about These Sheep Bite

This is a very important book for pastors under attack, for church lay leaders whose pastor is anguished from clergy killer abuse, and for those who don’t understand the incursions of evil in so many congregations.
–G. Lloyd Rediger, Author of Clergy Killers

In my forty years of [church] ministry, I cannot think of many books more “right on the mark” for those times when sailing has become slogging, when misunderstandings abound, and the storm calls for a steady hand on the tiller. You will be glad you (and even your church governing body) took the time to read this book, to pray its prayers, and to become encouraged by the Lord again.
–Dr. Paul Watermulder, Pastor

These Sheep Bite is an incredible book. In John’s book I saw my own story. I saw the stories of pastors and friends who have been hurt by those we are called to serve. The practical, biblical advice in these pages is something ministers at every level should take to heart.
–Chaplain Chris Linzey

No undergrad student should take a pastorate without reading this book, and no church should hire a pastor without reading it. I wish I had read it before taking my first pastorate.
–Jeremy Lundmark, Pastor & Podcast Host

John’s many years as a shepherd have given him a special insight for his book These Sheep Bite. I certainly can relate to what he has written because of my twenty years experience as senior pastor’s administrative assistant. This book is absolutely a must read for pastors and for their sheep. After a friend in ministry read John’s book, he shared the following thoughts with me: “John Snyder captures the struggles of so many pastorates. I think his conclusions are of real help and encouragement to pastors and laymen alike as they fulfill their calling to lead sometimes very unappreciative sheep in the way of righteousness.”

If you or someone you know needs encouragement in shepherding the flock, or if you are part of a church and want to know how to be an encouragement, this book is for you.

–Twyla Lunn, Retired Church Office Manager