An Interview with Melody Green

Melody Green is the former wife of the late Keith Green. She wrote some of the songs Keith made famous and that are sung all in churches over the world. Her massive ministry has been productive for God’s Kingdom for many years.

Her bio…

Melody is probably most loved for the songs she has written. There Is a Redeemer is found in church hymn books around the world, and reports of it being sung in villages in Africa and Asia are plentiful. She has also composed many other standards including, Make My Life a Prayer To You, You Are The One, Rushing Wind, and The Lord Is My Shepherd.

Melody’s life is an adventure that just keeps unfolding. Besides writing songs, she is also known internationally as an author and a minister. She is fearless when it comes to tackling difficult issues and bold in her travels. She has been to over thirty nations to speak at retreats, conferences, and church services, as well as ministering to men and women in prisons, refugee camps, remote villages, leper colonies, underground churches, and those living in war zones.

Her best-selling book, No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green, has become a must-read classic, translated into numerous languages. To learn more about Melody, her book and ministry, visit