Update: As of 11/30 this resource is being revised.


I’m Outraged.

It has been recently discovered that for roughly the last four years (2010-2014) Focus on the Family in conjunction with CBD has made a resource available that actually supports and instructs pregnant women on how to carry out an abortion using “the pill.” This resource, sadly still currently available at ChristianBook.com (see here), suggests that one of the viable options for women in this “life changing” situation is to employ what they call “medical abortion.”

One of the options is to take the abortion pill to cause what is called a medical abortion.

The booklet goes on to instruct women on the proper use, timing, and safety concerns of “the pill.” One of the more disturbing sections comes under a “Do’s and Don’ts” list which states,

Do – Take the Misoprostol only at the healthcare professional’s office.

Do – Go for a follow-up visit after the abortion is complete to make sure you are healthy.

Don’t – Go to an abortion provider who lacks immediate access to a surgical facility in case you need an emergency surgical abortion.


Time to Pull Support Immediately

This resource, and any profit made from it, is an affront to those who have supported Focus on the Family for years and it also acts as a stab in the back to the pro-life cause. The response from Christians ought to be an immediate removal of any and all support (financial or otherwise) from Focus on the Family and by extension Christian Book Distributors (CBD).

Is that overreacting? Not at all! If abortion is the taking of human life in the womb, and it is, then this booklet encouraged and aided women in murdering their children. In the process, it magnified the perpetrator over the victim. In what universe is it sensible to provide safety tips to help murderers murder? Oh, wait, I’m sorry. Some people don’t like that word. Tough! It’s that sort of wishy-washy intentional ambiguity that leads to this level of compromise.

Let me be abundantly clear about something. Abortion is murder. Calling it “Medical Murder” doesn’t make it any less wicked, evil, or appalling. There is certainly room for debate among unbelievers as to whether or not life begins at 21 weeks or 32 weeks or 24 months. I expect that conversation among them because they suppress the truth of God’s Word in unrighteousness.

However, this nonsense is spewing from those who claim to be within our ranks. There’s a different standard, a higher standard to which we call people professing faith in Christ. As believers, we must remove our support at the very least until a public statement is issued by BOTH organizations that the resource is wholeheartedly rejected. Further, everybody who ever supported, listened to, or read a book from Focus on the Family needs to be writing to them to get this book off the shelves ASAP.

One Step Further

I want to take this one step further and bring it home to the local level. What leads to this sort of dissolve of our moral compass is playing around with the definitions of terms. I want to encourage all our readers to investigate whether or not the pro-life organizations they support are willing to publicly state, unequivocally, that abortion is murder. If they cannot, I would suggest you remove any and all support of those groups.

We cannot support the slaughter of children when the Word of God states clearly that these little ones are precious in his sight. Not when James 1:22 says,

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
-James 1:27

It’s time the body of Christ start thinking about who they’re supporting. There are a lot of organizations with a lot of kingdom resources going to waste, and even aiding the other side. It has to stop and it only will stop when we, Christ’s Bride, say “No more” when things like this are brought to our attention.


Photo © Focus on the Family