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God, the architect and maker of everything, is three who’s and one what. He is the one sovereign God, but exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is the Son, the man from heaven, who comes to reveal both the glories of heaven and the glories of earth. He entered into human flesh to reveal the character and purpose of God, and to show us what a real human being is. He is the one and only way to God and salvation is found in no other.

The Holy Spirit enlivens and interprets the things of Christ, and enables believers to live the Christian life by fulfilling the requirements and commands of God the Father. A Christian is neither more nor less than a person in whom the Spirit of Jesus Christ dwells.

The Bible is the written Word of God, the final arbiter of what is true and untrue about God, his Son, salvation, the history of his people, the future of creation, and is the definitive guide for life and practice of faith.

Salvation is wholly a free gift made possible by God’s grace alone, through Jesus Christ alone, and by faith alone. This means it can’t be earned by our efforts or accomplishments, made better, or found in any other source or work than what Jesus accomplished for us by his death and resurrection.

The Christian life is to be a Spirit-empowered reenactment of the life of Christ, not in repeating his saving work, but in demonstrating to the world the life of God’s kingdom and in being poured out willingly for the sake of others.

The goal and purpose of history is to declare the glory of God to every creature, and the final chapter includes the return of Jesus when all evil and rebellion will be judged and destroyed, and when God restores all he made by establishing the New Heaven and the New Earth, where nothing but justice and goodness dwell.