How to Murder Your Child Safely—from Focus on the Family?
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How to Murder Your Child Safely—from Focus on the Family?

Update: As of 11/30 this resource is being revised.


I’m Outraged.

It has been recently discovered that for roughly the last four years (2010-2014) Focus on the Family in conjunction with CBD has made a resource available that actually supports and instructs pregnant women on how to carry out an abortion using “the pill.” This resource, sadly still currently available at (see here), suggests that one of the viable options for women in this “life changing” situation is to employ what they call “medical abortion.”

One of the options is to take the abortion pill to cause what is called a medical abortion.

The booklet goes on to instruct women on the proper use, timing, and safety concerns of “the pill.” One of the more disturbing sections comes under a “Do’s and Don’ts” list which states,

Do – Take the Misoprostol only at the healthcare professional’s office.

Do – Go for a follow-up visit after the abortion is complete to make sure you are healthy.

Don’t – Go to an abortion provider who lacks immediate access to a surgical facility in case you need an emergency surgical abortion.


Time to Pull Support Immediately

This resource, and any profit made from it, is an affront to those who have supported Focus on the Family for years and it also acts as a stab in the back to the pro-life cause. The response from Christians ought to be an immediate removal of any and all support (financial or otherwise) from Focus on the Family and by extension Christian Book Distributors (CBD).

Is that overreacting? Not at all! If abortion is the taking of human life in the womb, and it is, then this booklet encouraged and aided women in murdering their children. In the process, it magnified the perpetrator over the victim. In what universe is it sensible to provide safety tips to help murderers murder? Oh, wait, I’m sorry. Some people don’t like that word. Tough! It’s that sort of wishy-washy intentional ambiguity that leads to this level of compromise.

Let me be abundantly clear about something. Abortion is murder. Calling it “Medical Murder” doesn’t make it any less wicked, evil, or appalling. There is certainly room for debate among unbelievers as to whether or not life begins at 21 weeks or 32 weeks or 24 months. I expect that conversation among them because they suppress the truth of God’s Word in unrighteousness.

However, this nonsense is spewing from those who claim to be within our ranks. There’s a different standard, a higher standard to which we call people professing faith in Christ. As believers, we must remove our support at the very least until a public statement is issued by BOTH organizations that the resource is wholeheartedly rejected. Further, everybody who ever supported, listened to, or read a book from Focus on the Family needs to be writing to them to get this book off the shelves ASAP.

One Step Further

I want to take this one step further and bring it home to the local level. What leads to this sort of dissolve of our moral compass is playing around with the definitions of terms. I want to encourage all our readers to investigate whether or not the pro-life organizations they support are willing to publicly state, unequivocally, that abortion is murder. If they cannot, I would suggest you remove any and all support of those groups.

We cannot support the slaughter of children when the Word of God states clearly that these little ones are precious in his sight. Not when James 1:22 says,

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
-James 1:27

It’s time the body of Christ start thinking about who they’re supporting. There are a lot of organizations with a lot of kingdom resources going to waste, and even aiding the other side. It has to stop and it only will stop when we, Christ’s Bride, say “No more” when things like this are brought to our attention.


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Jeremy Lundmark

Jeremy Lundmark

Jeremy Lundmark is a former pastor and former host of the podcast "After The Sermon." Jeremy has earned his Masters of Ministry from Summit University in Clark's Summit, PA. He is the author of the book, The Fury of God. Jeremy is a husband of thirteen years to Alison G. Lundmark and is the proud father of three children: Alexander, Brionna, and Scarlett. To connect, leave a comment on one of his posts at
Jeremy Lundmark
November 28, 2015

19 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “How to Murder Your Child Safely—from Focus on the Family?”

  1. Kate says:

    Your outrage is misplaced. The pamphlet does not present the abortion pill as a viable option. It presents the facts concerning what that particular pill does, and then presents a pro life message.

  2. Jeremy Lundmark Jeremy Lundmark says:

    Thanks for your thought Kate,

    Can you tell me what pro-life option you see in this pamphlet?

  3. Jane Bailey says:

    Any response from Focus on your findings?

  4. Jodi VanGorder says:

    Here is your pro-life message:

    On page 8, under thoughts from a doctor it says, “Thoughts from a doctor…
    Despite its known risks, the abortion pill has been called a major medical breakthrough. In fact, some groups go so far as to say that it’s a real step forward for the health of women, even that it “saves lives.”
    This is just not true. As an obstetrician, I can tell you that an incredibly special and completely unique person is growing inside of every pregnant woman.
    You can see for yourself, at the Mayo Clinic’s website, that just six weeks after your last period, your baby’s heart has already begun beating and he or she has the beginning of arms, legs, mouth and eyes. Visit and search for “fetal development—first trimester.”
    Take time to consider all your options and get counseling from someone who does not have a financial or personal stake in your decision.
    Then choose well.”

  5. Jodi VanGorder says:

    Hello! I posted a comment and it disappeared. I actually came back to your blog post to add something and it was gone.

    So, I will first say that you have to understand what these brochures are for. They are used at Pregnancy resource centers. They are too educate girls/woman on the procedures and how to be healthy first and foremost. However, they do have a pro-life message.

    Here is the link to all of the brochures used in most Christian based pregnancy resource centers.

    You can click on each and read them in .pdf format.

    On page 8, the one you wrote your article about states:
    “Thoughts from a doctor…
    Despite its known risks, the abortion pill has been called a major medical breakthrough. In fact, some groups go so far as to say that it’s a real step forward for the health of women, even that it “saves lives.”
    This is just not true. As an obstetrician, I can tell you that an incredibly special and completely unique person is growing inside of every pregnant woman.
    You can see for yourself, at the Mayo Clinic’s website, that just six weeks after your last period, your baby’s heart has already begun beating and he or she has the beginning of arms, legs, mouth and eyes. Visit and search for “fetal development—first trimester.”
    Take time to consider all your options and get counseling from someone who does not have a financial or personal stake in your decision.
    Then choose well.”

    I just want to inform people of the truth. Focus on the family also has a section on their website called B e a Voice about speaking out about Life. You didn’t research thoroughly enough before you decided to badmouth a great organization.

    Thanks for listening!

  6. Jeremy Lundmark Jeremy Lundmark says:

    Jane Bailey

    I have not heard back and none of the organizations or individuals that I know have written to them have either. I’m hopeful that by the end of the business day we’ll here something.

  7. Jeremy Lundmark Jeremy Lundmark says:

    Jodi VanGorder,

    A couple things. First, I’ve heard a couple people say that this resource is intended to be used in medical clinics or CPCs. If my local CPC were using this resource, as a former Pastor I would withdraw my support from them for using it. (Side note: I served on the board of a CPC and acted as director for 3 months so I’m not unfamiliar with the work of CPC’s)

    Also, if that is the intention, why is this sold as a single resource to individuals on their website with no clear explanation as to why, or how it is intended to be used? (Maybe they could’ve sold it in a pack of resources?)

    As a standalone resource, this piece makes no reference to any other options. What good is a subtle pro-life message if the only “option” presented is one that is pro-choice? Even if they had said, “For other options check out these other great resources from Focus” that would have been something at least.

    Whether it was intended or not, this resource gives women a single option, and praises the healthy way to employ that method. (By the way, there was no mention of the long-term psychological/emotional affects of aborting a child on women which Focus is most definitely aware of).

    Second, a number of people have asked me to do more research. I read the whole piece, and then wrote a blog about that piece (it’s a really short resource). What more research is needed in evaluating this piece other than to read it on its own merits as it is presented?

    I suspect the ones who are mad about my post, are the same ones who have either used or have supported those who have used this resource. Maybe rather than going into self-defense mode, those people should actually read the content, as it stands and as it is presented, rather than attaching pragmatics or personal emotions to it.

    I have no doubt that CPCs’ have utilized this resource and then, after explaining the pill, went on to explain other options. That’s not to the credit of this resource though. It’s to the credit of those using this resource in a redeemable fashion. Focus can do much much better than this and that’s why MANY are calling on them to do just that.

    Speaking of research, you might do well to read a couple other articles which are also calling for the removal or revision of this resource. You might also do well to read the reviews of the resource in the Focus Store where it’s getting a 100% 1-star rating and terrible reviews. Here are some links to those articles and the rate/review section of Focus’ store.


    Product Reviews (In the Focus Store)

  8. Andrea says:

    The fact that they hide a pro-life message at the end of the pamphlet does not erase what they are doing in the rest of the pamphlet. Women seeking abortion have more than enough people helping them to stay healthy while they do so, people who are paid to do so like abortionists and their staff and also doctors. Focus on the Family, which is run on the basis of Christian charitable donations and sale of their books etc. should not be trying to take on the job already amply filled by people paid to do so.

  9. Melanie says:

    Not to mention that the manufacturers of Misoprostol (Cytotec) have issued a warning about the unapproved, off-label, use for pregnant women, either for induction of labor or abortion. It is just plain dangerous. Here’s the letter direct from the manufacturer:

  10. Thanks for reaching out.

    The booklet was created at the request of Pregnancy Medical Centers for very specific use in a clinical setting with abortion-minded women considering RU-486.

    It is not intended to sway the reader to a pro-life perspective using ideological or moral arguments. But it is one of many tools designed for use by trained, pro-life counselors at Pregnancy Medical Centers in the hope that presenting the facts of abortion will help steer the reader in the direction of choosing life.

    More specifically, the booklet is intended to educate—and to indicate the dangers of—a mifepristone/misoprostol abortion as it is currently performed. Its purpose is also to affirm that inside each pregnant woman is a special, unique person—all of this to an audience that, as many Pregnancy Medical Clinic directors have indicated, might disregard a piece of literature overtly directive in pointing women away from abortion.

    So, it has a specific purpose to a specific abortion-minded audience.

    Throughout the booklet is encouragement for women to consider having an ultrasound before making their decision. Research clearly shows that if a woman who is considering abortion has a chance to receive counseling and view an ultrasound image of her baby, she is far more likely to choose life.

    Even so, we recognize that some of the other wording in this particular booklet is not as clear as it could be, and that is why it is currently being revised. A new version of “The Abortion Pill” will be available soon.

    As for Focus on the Family’s firm position on the sanctity and value of human life from first formation in the womb until a person’s last breath, our stance has not changed in the least!

    Please feel free to share this with anyone who asks.

    Carrie Gordon Earll
    Focus on the Family

  11. Daniel says:

    Wait. I just looked at them. They are informational pamphlets how the pills work and the health issues related to them. They DO NOT support abortion or Plan B. Period. And no, I never have used these handouts and I don’t really support Focus. As Christians we have to be accurate and true. Whether we agree with Focus and CBD about their positions or not, we have to be true and not misleading.

    • Jeremy Lundmark Jeremy Lundmark says:

      Focus and CBD agreed with our concern and subsequently pulled the resource. Appreciate your thoughts but it seems even Focus could see some problems.

  12. Jeremiah 48:10 Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully…
    We have had many blessings in our families and those we refer to Focus on the family from this organization!
    We know this can be a very delicate area but we were so highly disappointed in the lack of clarity to
    the Right to life that Focus on the Family has provided in a publication such as the subject here.
    It is a gross failure in being true to their very PURPOSE!!!
    We are praying such an awful mistake get cleared up quickly! It too closely identifies a organization that stands for right to life
    with a tool of abortion that can be misleading by association.
    1Co 14:8 For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?
    We do not have to put a list of verses out supporting the stand focus should have to be true to their purpose. They are well known. But we share above
    scriptures that would admonish a dangerous direction as the crafting of such a pamphlet at the request of Pregnancy Medical centers
    which reeks with human cleverness and not Godliness!

    We will be following this for we would not want association further, if there is lack of clarity on the most wicked action in America today!
    The murder of the most innocent and defenseless! We would deeply regret having to no longer direct to many wonderful resources!

    We are encouraged with efforts to address the errors. We still do support and will pray this wonderful organization
    can wisely make a clear trumpet sound here.
    With much love in Christ and deep concern!
    Jon and Pam LaBenne, Bright and Morning Star Camp.

  13. McKenzie says:

    This is so bizarre. Focus on the Family is a pro-life organization. They have a pro-life section on their website. I’m not sure what they could have been thinking with this pamphlet. It would be interesting to hear their response to this. I will say though, when I clicked on the link to, it shows that the product is not available anymore. So this appears to have lit a fire under someone’s rear end pretty quickly.

  14. McKenzie says:

    Ahhh. I see their reply…

  15. Christine Butcher says:

    I am a Registered Nurse. I work at a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic. I am as Pro-Life as can be. I have given up my lucrative job in the hospital to work at half pay in a Pro-life center, where we put the Gospel front and center, and provide accurate medical information about the choices they are face with. This is my heart; my life’s work. And in that work, we use this and similar, quality publications in our clinic DAILY. How ridiculous and irresponsible to look at one isolated page, taken out of context and declare it an instruction book on” how to murder your child”. To do so is to set Pro-life ministries back and is a blatant insult to all the god-fearing, dedicated and self-sacrificing men and women who put themselves on the front lines of the fight for life in Pregnancy Resource Centers across the country. Anyone who REALLY looks at this booklet, and sees how it is applied in the front-lines setting would know that it is absolutely NOT, as you claim, supportive of a woman using the “morning after pill”. It clearly and factually outlines the risks and side effects, citing sources such as the CDC and Guttmacher Institute. Twist it as you may try, not one word in this booklet encourages abortion. It is an excellent tool in the fight FOR life. Women and girls who come to us, scared and distraught, seeking information about their options receive just that; INFORMATION about their options. We do NOT bombard them with pro-life propaganda. It is not all Bible verses and ‘God doesn’t like abortion’. It is not judgment and condemnation. It is meeting them in their need. And they are in DEEP need. We arm them with information to assist them in making an INFORMED decision. If they are planning to have an abortion, we greet them with a smile, we love them through their decision-making process. We give them a FREE ultrasound, as is recommended in this booklet. That ultrasound is a powerful tool for life! It gives them a window into the womb, and what will they see there? Not a blob of tissue, as they have been told. It is a baby, a heartbeat, a LIFE. But if, despite all our best efforts, and the prayers of our prayer warriors, they still choose abortion, we assure them that we will be there for them afterwards. We offer post abortion healing classes, and emotional support after the fact. We send a clear message that, no matter what they choose, we will be there to love and support them. It is what we do. If what YOU do is tear Christians and their ministries down, then the enemy can just sit back and relax. Not us. Regardless of efforts to discourage and destroy us, we just keep fighting in the trenches. Thanks for your support. NOT.

    • Jeremy Lundmark Jeremy Lundmark says:

      Appreciate your passion Christine. Sincerely I do. Understand that my concern was shared by many. Maybe it’s a matter of perception and context but it seems many saw mild support for the pill in this booklet.

      Also, the alternative does not necessarily have to be Bible thumping judgment. That’s a false dichotomy. I would have liked to have seen an honest conversation about what happens to the child, and the long term emotional damage taking the pill can cause.

      Further, where are the choices? This resource alone doesn’t offer any. I thank Focus for seeing our concern and pursuing a better developed resource.

  16. Dennis says:

    Does Focus on The Family receive any monies from the maker/distributors of the drug or from any Doctor or agency that provides this pill as a means for abortion?

  17. BW says:

    Thank you, Jeremy, for contacting Focus on the Family about this. Their response is just one more example that, though human and fallible like all of us, their heart is to protect life. May God richly bless them for sacrifice of the hours/days/years they’ve poured out to do that.

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