Ep 029.1 A New Year and “The Lord of the Rings” Series
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Ep 029.1 A New Year and “The Lord of the Rings” Series

And it’s a new year with The Art of Redemption Podcast as we kick it off with some small talk and banter about our current issues in life. We also talk about Cody and the Shish Kabob incident.

In this new series, we tackle The Lord of the Rings and its overarching Christian themes and analogies throughout. We are excited to hit this series and excited about the new listenership we have.

As we intro this series we just take some time to talk about some things we like and generally chat about the movie/books as a piece of art as a whole. In the coming weeks we will be getting into it much deeper so stay tuned.

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Intro Music: Akkadian Empire by Audio Machine

Ending Song: Gollum’s Song by Emiliana Torrini

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Art of Redemption Podcast

Art of Redemption Podcast

The Art of Redemption Radio—Bringing a Christian Worldview to the Arts.

In this show hosts Cody Anderson, Daniel Uptain, and Roy Uptain examine the Arts from a biblical perspective. We take on many different philosophical and theological views and line them up with the Scripture. We pull out the error and fallacy of the secular worldview that lies within all forms of the Arts. In doing this we examine how we are to view these arts as followers of Christ and how we need to engage our culture around us. These areas of the Arts include but are not limited to: movies, music, literature, paintings, drawings, digital, and graphic design.
Art of Redemption Podcast
January 17, 2017

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Ep 029.1 A New Year and “The Lord of the Rings” Series”

  1. Have we taken the same quizzes? I’ve done all the trivia, listened to all the podcasts I could find, and written my own book about LotR. There is no such thing as being too big a nerd. There just isn’t.

  2. Also, flannel graph Christianity. That is perfect.

  3. Art of Redemption Podcast Art of Redemption Podcast says:

    You know thats what I’ve been told that there is no such things as too big a nerd! Some are just on a more advanced level of nerderdom I suppose.

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